countable and uncountable; almonds

almond (countable and uncountable; plural almonds)

  1. (countable) A type of tree nut.
  2. (countable) A small deciduous tree, Prunus dulcis, that produces almonds.
  3. (countable, uncountable) The colour of the kernel of an almond without its shell and thin seed coat, a creamy off-white colour.

6 letters in word "almond": A D L M N O.

Anagrams of almond:

Words found within almond:

ad ado al alod am an and da dal dam damn dan do dol dolma dom domal don dona la lad lam land lo load loam loan loma ma mad mal man mand mano mna mo moa moan mod modal mol mola mold mon mona monad monal na nam no nod nodal nom noma nomad od oda odal old olm om on

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